Industrial Metal Finishing provides corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and impact resistant paint, as well as painting for cosmetic and appearance improvement. We offer Mil Spec and Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) painting services. CARC paint is specified for use on tactical military equipment, including ground, aviation, munitions and related support equipment for its ability to withstand the harsh chemicals used in the decontamination process.

We offer a range of approved finishes, with the quality and reliability you need. Our most popular Mil Specs are listed below.

Mil Spec

• MIL-PRF-22750

• MIL-DTL-53039

• MIL-DTL-64159

• MIL-DTL-15090

• MIL-PRF-23377

• MIL-PRF-26915

• MIL-DTL-53022

• MIL-DTL-53030

• MIL-PRF-85285

• TT-P-1757