The IMF-3 coating system is a unique patented1 coating procedure developed by Industrial Metal Finishing Company. It is designed to impart excellent lubricity, maximum corrosion resistance, adequate abrasion resistance and long wear life to coated parts.

The IMF-3 coating system represents a revolutionary concept in surface technology that leaps bounds over traditional electroplating and fluoropolymers alone. IMF-3 is a three stage process. The first stage is an electro deposition of a sacrificial corrosion inhibiting metallic coating. The second stage consists of creating highly adherent profile either chemically or mechanically. The third stage consists of a corrosion inhibiting thermosetting resin containing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The IMF-3 system affords remarkable corrosion and chemical resistance as well as predictable torque values. Torch removal and descaling are a thing of the past with IMF-3. Downtime can be reduced by 75 percent. Potential damage caused by overtorquing is completely mitigated by predictable torque values with a low co-efficient of friction. The IMF-3 system basecoat as well as topcoat can be custom tailored to one's design specific needs. Corrosion resistance as well as torque values can be provided on request.

US Patent 4,114,505